With over 15 years of Design experience in Retail and Interior Design, Aline Matsika brings together her taste in European Antiques, Asian and African Art to create an unique multicultural style. Her journey throughout Europe and Africa, fueled her passion for designing and collecting rare artifacts.

After conquering the French market for more than a decade ago with Boutique Concept Ethnic, she decided to export her distinctive style into the heart of Soho, New York's prime destination for fashion and design. 

"I have always used a cherished object that belongs to my client as a point of departure for my designs, which allowed me to deliver a place that is both intimate and poetic"
                                                    - Aline

As an interior designer, she reaches the perfect balance using objects of past and present, from different cultures. She can achieve designs that transcend cultural boundaries and that work with any styles.

" One time, I accentuated the modesty in primitive art with solemn Asian simplicity. Another time, I delivered harmony by mixing European grandeur with neutral minimalism and a twist of exotic flair."
                                                    - Aline

Many of her furniture are custom made with a flair of Italian and French craftsmanship, ensuring that none of her projects are alike.

Through a rigorous design process and great attention to details, Aline achieves a great level of complexity that enhances timeless and elegant harmony.

 Her works have been extensively monitored by international publications such as Vogue, Elle, Maison Francaise and in the US by The New York Times and Architectural Digest.